A little poem in celebration of recycling.

Wednesday and Thursday proved quite epic in terms of recycling.

Wednesday I put out the orange wheelie bin for cardboard, the blue box for paper, the green box for plastic and a smaller box for metal and glass ready for collection. Then there was a trip to the charity shop with two carrier bags.

On Thursday more bags went to our Italian friend to help with her charities. She in return gave us a bag the contents of which would help packing soon to be sent fragile objects.

That’s my account finished, but enough of me, what you really want to do is read the poem:


With compressed rags and pulp

My letterbox is fed.

A lady’s dress, a paper bag,

A thousand year old tree,

A label from a cans of beans,

A top shelf risque’ magazine,

Lay on the floor before me.

At times I often wonder

Who is reading my old jumper?

It’s really amazing just how much can be recycled and so many people benefit.

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