Strange but true…a poem from a dream!

Before I write the poem I had better explain my dream. I was in a bookshop and on the counter was a poetry book. When I opened it I was attracted by the first few lines which I then memorised.

Suddenly I woke up, but still remembered the first six lines. I immediately wrote down these lines and that morning added the extra trying to keep within the same theme. So here goes readers, enjoy a mix of two worlds, where a dream merges into a reality.

I thought I caught a butterfly,

I had to let it go.

I thought I caught a daffodil,

I had to let it grow.

I thought I caught a sunset,

I had to let it rise,

But when I caught a glimpse of you,

My thoughts were in disguise.

Now you stand in front of me

With sunshine in your eyes.

A daffodil at sunset,

A butterfly, undisguised,

Can I let you go?

I have yet to have another such dream, but you never can tell.

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