The Pines Express.

On 8th. September 1962 the last Pines Express ran from Manchester to Bournemouth West via Bath Green Park Station. For many the Somerset and Dorset Line should never have closed.

Having been challenged to write a story based somewhere on the line proved extremely interesting. Now nearly fifty years later, I was greatly surprised and encouraged by the number of groups desperately trying to keep both the memory and traffic on the line alive.

Midsomer Norton Station is one such example where this year they will begin another programme of expansion, but they need both money and volunteers.

Just to look at their website and those of others on the S & D route proves how devoted these groups are. Long may their enthusiasm continue, for the return of rail, once a distance dream is edging sleeper, by sleeper forward.

It must be valued by the community as something they are proud of. I know the film “The Titfield Thunderbolt” appears dated, but encourage the community spirit that that shows and at some point who knows? It can only prove to be positive.

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