Grazie del cielo!…Thank heaven!

I am slowly learning Italian. I can count, know the days of the week and even book into a hotel. My visits to Rome also help. There I gain confidence when even a few words are greeted with great excitement and enthusiasm.

Now I have a new teacher in the name of ‘astro paolo’. Who you ask? Paolo Nespoli, the Italian European Space Agency Astronaut and Flight Engineer of the ISS Expedition Dec 2010 t0 May 2011. Some teacher! Awesome!

I thoroughly enjoy his daily posts on Twitter and nearly every one is a picture quiz with clues. Some pictures are of cities at night, others of natural formations and often there is just that little hint of humour to make his posts even more inviting.

The beauty of Paolo’s posts, for some-one learning Italian, is that the posts are in English and Italian. I have great fun translating to see if I have managed to get his posts right.

I never thought that I would be learning the language via a space station somewhere up there in the heavens, but it works for me. Grazie ‘astro paolo’, molto grazie.

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