The early bird catches the worm.

Sat on the allotment watching the variety of wildlife I always enjoy seeing thrushes and blackbirds descend on the area I have been digging.

Last week I witnessed something different. A blackbird who was so tame he came within a metre of my feet for his worms found a large one. I thought he would then break it up by shaking it and fly off. No. He carefully wiped in on a patch of grass and then flew off.

Such is the world of wildlife, perhaps far more organised than we think.

Not quite wildlife, but I must make some comment about Twitter, not the bird kind. Having begun just after Christmas I am approaching my 1000th Tweet. The world has opened up and I now have chats with people in many parts of the world.

I have not quite got used to the time zones as some people are saying ‘Good morning’ just as I am going to bed, but funtimes or serious comment, I enjoy it all and am learning so much from real people. Long may it continue.

Very soon I will begin a series of ghost stories, many of which are based on strange experiences I have encountered on my travels. I hope you enjoy them.

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