On beetroot shaped carrots and carrot shaped beetroots.

Went over to the allotment today. Only two more carrier bags of runner beans will be picked this year. Have enjoyed all the meals. Yellow raspberries also on the decline.

On the positive side, the carrots that are beetroot shaped and the beetroots that are carrot shaped are still growing well and the winter onions are very cosy in their cacoon of compost and fleece.

Soon it will be tarpaulins over the earth ready to pull back in sections for winter digging. Have not enjoyed this year because of the rain and some of the gardeners have given up, but you take what comes and go on.

Soon you begin to fall into past ways when you look at the clouds and judge the weather for the day, know exactly when the sun will rise and set over certain trees, listen for the geese as they fly overhead and the birdcall of the friendly robin as it wanders between your boots looking for worms.

One year of poor weather will not make me give all this up.

For my short story readers,Will & Jay will be back on Sunday with another of their short stories.

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