Shakespeare and Aleppo.

With all the problems Syria has, when the city of Aleppo was mentioned, my mind immediately homed in on the name. Where had I heard it before? Not being that geographically aware I thought it was in Italy. How wrong.

I suddenly remembered that it was mentioned by the Ist Witch in Shakespeare’s Scottish play. I will not mention the M word should all Tweets  end up going to the wrong people.

The words spoken by the Ist Witch are: Her husband’s to Aleppo gone, master o’ the ‘Tiger’.

Apparently, Aleppo is about 75 miles inland. If the witches can sail in a sieve, why not magic the ‘Tiger’ so far inland since the captain’s wife refused to feed her. Certainly the crew of the ships berthed near the Globe at the time might well have traded all around the Mediterranean and enjoyed the joke. Did Shakespeare know where Aleppo was, and if he did where did he get this knowledge?

Just my ramblings, but worth a few minutes of your time to read them. Will & Jay 3 will be posted on Sunday.

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