Of birds and bees and blackbirds and squirrels.

It’s that time of year when when some of our little friends are preparing to hibernate. Suddenly a squirrel is seen daily running along the wall at the end of the garden. He has already investigated our lawn and flower borders and found them quite boring. So our garden wall is now his bye-pass.

Mr. And Mrs Blackbird visit twice daily and are not phased when I walk down the garden path, unlike Mr. and Mrs Magpie who vanish at the sound of the backdoor opening.

Then there was the wasps’ nest in the compost heap. They were amusing. As the beetroot was planted close by they grew used to us in their area, and would occasionally bump into us as a warning. They never attempted to sting, neither did the bees as they went about their daily work.

On the allotment I will miss being told off by the crows who sit watching on the garden sheds, but I will still have my best friend the robin. This cheery little soul sits on my spade, runs between my legs and plays  hide and seek among the raspberry bushes.

Together with pigeons, rabbits, mice and the allotment cat, I cannot wait until spring re-unites us all again.

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