IN THE NICK OF TIME a poem for some-one’s 40th.

As promised here is the poem written for some-one called Nicholas aka Nick celebrating his reaching the big 40. A mariner for a short time, city worker and now trying to keep us all safe. I tried to use as many words ending with ‘nic’ as possible so that the poem still made sense.


An embryonic poem,

But not sermonic,

You might say


About our Nick.

I began to panic,

Was nearly

Histrionic, as words went

Supersonic and

Orbited like a Sputnik

Around my brain.

It was no picnic,

Until I completed

This electronic poem,

About our Nick.

In his younger days


In a lifestyle, bionic,

but now

Adonic in his tunic,

And oh so


When investigating cases,

Sometimes demonic,

Sometimes harmonic.

His family and

Friends, platonic,

All say

“Nick you’re a tonic.”


Now you’ve reached the big Four O

Enjoy being naughty

At 40.

There you are, and when another person heard of this poem she asked if I could write one for her husband Roger. I certainly had fun with that and it will appear later in the month.

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