The Lucky Seven Challenge: all the 7’s

The challenge is not my idea, but I wish it was. I found it on Mark Rice’s blog which gives all the details of how he was challenged by Maria Savva and what to do. I turned to my unpublished novel ‘Splash Point’, looked at page 77, found line seven and what follows are the next seven lines. Hope they intrigue you.


 Sam felt a firm grip on his shoulder and turned to see Father Lorenzo, shaking his head.

“Is not possible. We have no statue like that anymore. It was lost many, many years ago. The

 basilica was dedicated to Santa Ciamba della Sande, but there were so many mysterious tales

surrounding her that she was never made a saint. When that happened, her statue suddenly

disappeared. No-one knows where it went.”

But Sam was insistant, “Your statue is in a large, ornately carved alcove in the small cloister, the

fifth on the right. It could not have vanished hundreds of years ago. I’ve just seen her, Father.”


 Thank you Mark for posting the challenge on your blog, where there are more details.

Sunday’s Will & Jay sees the two boys getting involved in pre-Christmas sales, but there is a surprise in store.


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