A little more about me.

Reading various blogs I am always interested in the list of jobs people have or had in the past. I decided to wander down memory lane and was quite surprised at the ways I earned all that lovely money.

My first job all those years ago was a door to door charity card seller. During my gap year I worked as a lab technician and a school caretaker. Finally I reached college. Money was tight so during holidays I was a postman, hygiene unit operative ( road sweeper to you and me ), film extra in ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’, and a factoryhand in a tobacco company. Finally I became a teacher, lectured at a university and am currently an A’Level examiner.

These are examples of paid employment, voluntary work threw up other worthwhile challenges, but more of those another time. Meanwhile, Will & Jay have been moved from the department shop window into the Christmas Grotto.

More on Sunday.

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