My unsung film genre: The Christmas Film

As Christmas Day approaches I look forward to the varied array of Christmas films on offer. Communities pulling together, the nasty guy who turns out alright in the end, family re-unions, and ventures into Father Christmas land, whether by sleigh or helicopter.

There has to be snow falling at the last minute, carol singing, smiling faces and church bells ringing to mention a few of the iconic images. What about Christmas in the Australian outback, South America or Newfoundland? I once spent Christmas on the Isle of Capri. Magical.

I also used to enjoy the Christmas Specials, especially the JAG series take on Christmas. Great fun and even more ingenuity used with the dedication to all people serving in the Forces. Heart-stopping.

I also like to see the stars of these films. I always enjoyed Fred Astaire in “The Man in the Santa Claus Suit.” Ex-NCIS Lauren Holly appeared yesterday singing and dancing in a film made in Canada. You never know who will appear next.

The scene: a large illumintated Christmas tree, members of the community singing carols, happy faces, great enjoyment being spread to all. Sorry no snow at the last minute. Why? This is real life, not a film.

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