“It being Christmas and all.”

So Christmas arrived and what meat did people have? When I was very young the family celebrated dinner with a chicken. Not very exciting you might say, but I only ate chicken on Christmas Day. It was very special.

So what of 2012? Chicken, duck, fish, lamb. beef, pork, the list is endless especially with vegetarian and vegan options as well as those who lives are ruled by the phrase “wheat and gluten free”. I know of one family who celebrated with lamb shanks and a variety of veggies.

And what about those who worked through Christmas Day? Did you say an extra thank you to the bus driver on Boxing Day, give an extra tip to the taxi driver? If you stayed in a hotel, did you treat the staff in some way? We did, “It being Christmas and all” a phrase from the film, “The Man in the Santa Clause Suit” which just about sums it all up. Christmas is a time for giving, the possible present, yes, but also a word of praise, your time and care.

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