Wheat and Gluten Free

Suddenly the four words above have become part of my lifestyle. Oh joy when you walk into a restaurant and ask if they cater for those who need wheat and gluten free products and the answer is, “Yes, my mother, sister, brother, friend, father comes here to dine and we cater for him/her.”

I hear of more and more people who would really enjoy eating in well appointed restaurants only to find there is nothing on the menu they can eat. The latest example. My wife explained that she could not eat anything other than products that were wheat and gluten free.  The well meaning guy behind the counter asked her if she wanted toast.

So it’s three cheers for all those enlightened restaurants where we can eat and there are alternatives. I have had chefs take time to go through their menu and explain what can be eaten and in many cases, the list is quite extensive.The number of restaurants that do cater are increasing and so will their takings, because once known, customers will frequent them more often as we do.

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