The Ground Shook and the Windows Shattered.

I will always praise and support the Military. From personal experiences what they encounter often stays with them for the rest of their lives. My first encounter with an explosion was when I was in infant school. We were in our classroom when the ground shook violently and the windows in the adjoining cloakroom blew in. Jagged glass had strewn the floor and fallen into the washbasins.

The house next door had blown up. Even to this day I have moments when I can feel that ground shake. The house was demolished and the school had a much larger playground.

My second encounter with a possible explosion in the seaside town of Wothing involved the pier. Going for a walk along the seafront, my father and I were told to join others behind the wall that separated the seafront from the road. A sea mine, one with spikes, had become detached from the seabed and was floating towards the pier. If it was still live and hit the pier’s metal supports, the windows on the other side of the road would be shattered and that is why we had to face the wall.

We waited and waited. The all clear was given as the mine fortunately drifted between the supports. I dread to think what damage might have be done to the pier, a pier still very much a landmark to all those who know the town.

Just something to think about. Will & Jay will be back on Sunday. Thank you to all those who are following their mis/adventures.

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