It’s Wednesday:Cooking in schools – look at the 1930’s

I think teaching cookery is schools is a very good idea, but I was amused by the amount of discussion that has occurred. My Dad is a brilliant cook. He makes the most delicious apple pies, chutneys, jams and roast meals. He is not afraid to experiment with new dishes and much of the produce is grown in his garden.

He is nearly 90 and gained the confidence from cookery lesson taught in his East End, London school in the 1930’s. By the way, serving in the Royal Navy and being issued with a sewing kit, taught him another skill.

My Mum from Bristol learned all her skills because her newly opened Secondary school in the 30’s had a flat specially designed for pupils so she tells me. Groups would spend one afternoon a week in the  flat cooking, cleaning, ordering essentials, every skill a person living alone today would need.

I hope that the conversation about teaching cooking continues. It is such a vital life skill and possibly some-one somewhere could review what was taught in the 1930′. The results could be very educating.


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