Down to earth and other things

I am always happy to hear that more and more people are turning to the land to grow their fresh produce. There is always a waiting list for the plots on our allotment site, but being on an allotment is more than just planting potatoes.

There is companionship from the young and old gardeners, both male and female. Our one aim, to grow fresh food. Tips are enchanged and discussed.

“When you plant rhubarb, place it upside down on the ground and let the frost get at it. It originated from Syberia you know.”

I wanted to know when our wild garlic would appear. I was told,  “Wait to see snowdrops”. Sure enough the snowdrops were followed by the wild garlic.

Nature is also very much with us. There are the robins who sit on spade handles watching for any worms we might dig up. Two days ago, a thrush came and had a look at what we were doing and hopped around our feet. A tame thrush is a rarity. There is a black cat which seems to have attached itself to all of us. We are regularly told off by crows who sit on branches not appreciating our early morning visit.

When we had a wasps’ nest in the compost heap, our beetroot was sited almost next to it. They sensed were we not dangerous as we pulled up the crop, but the wasp guards on duty would fly towards us and bump our foreheads as a warning. We were never stung, no matter how close we went.

Picture an early morning at sunrise and above two V-shaped flights of geese pass overhead, flying indirectly into the sun’s rays.

Time for coffee. The plastic chairs are placed around a wooden table, a cotton reel shaped cable drum, outside our kitchen and shop.

As you can see, there is so much more than just planting runner beans.

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