Heading for America

The last you heard about meĀ  I was looking at filmed dogfights over Worthing, Sussex during the fifties. Much was to change during those years.

America was the place to be and so my father decided to try his luck in the States. Months earlier we almost moved to Southern Rhodesia as it was then called. We moved into another flat, my mother continued to work in a bed and breakfast guest house while my father sent money to keep us. My mother bought a powder-blue duster-coat to wear on the ocean liner which we were to board at Southampton. The American dream was about to happen. Slowly we sold most of our possessions and waited for the money to buy tickets to our new life. I did not know the details of form filling at that time.

We never reached America, let alone Southampton. The American dream burst. One day in late spring I found myself on a station platform with my mum carrying a case and I guarding a small homemade toy fort in a cardboard box. We waited for the train to Bristol and new life and a place where I started to write.

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