The Wednesday blog…a little late. Restaurant staff praised by those who are wheat and gluten intolerant.

I am becoming more and more aware of restaurant staff who go out of their way to help customers who are wheat and gluten intolerant.

One such restaurant, part of a supermarket chain has a booklet which gives details of items on the menu which can and cannot be eaten.

A spokesperson for another  supermarket restaurant has stated that if they sell it on their shelves, such as bread which can be toasted, bring it to the kitchen. Likewise a pub/restaurant and another solo outlet has said the same.

Another outlet has a book which lists everything used in the preparation of their menu so the customer can choose and enjoy their meal without fear.

Looking on the negative side, what dismays me are restaurants where we are told to buy individual items, especially on breakfast menus which add up to at least third more. They lose out, because the result is we only buy a cup of tea or a latte. In a group, that can mount up to a loss to the outlet at least £40.

Thank goodness for those who want customers to return, and we do.


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