A Tribute to Bryan Forbes

Many years ago I was a regular visitor to Pinewood Studios taking school students around the sound stages, backlots, studio tank and gardens. It was the highlight of their Film Studies course.

The staff were always supportive and made each visit as memorable as possible. On one such visit, just as we were coming out of the main entrance, I recognized the face of some-one who had parked nearby. Yes, the man really was Bryan Forbes visiting Pinewood to discuss something relating to ‘The Slipper and The Rose’.

He approached our group, asked lots of questions, posed for photographs and dived into the boot of his car to give us a copy of his latest book. Although he was pressed for time, he spent as much as was possible with us.

On a previous visit we were warned to steer clear of a certain actor, and not to speak to them. How different to Bryan Forbes, who went out of his way to encourage my film students.





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