In the land of song there live giant cabbages.

This is the first of weekly blogs posted each Wednesday for all those interested in allotments, gardens and goings-on in the potting shed.

This week saw me in a kind of prehistoric setting. A friend grows giant vegetables and there I was surrounded by carrots growing in drainpipes and inside giant cucumbers, melons, tomatoes and parsnips. I quite expected some dangerous dinosaur to come lumbering towards me.

Outside lurked giant cabbages which came up to my waist. Apparently because of their growth, they have to be grown EIGHT feet apart. Yes Eight feet.

On our own allotment, the runner beans, dwarf French bean, squashes, cucumbers, beetroot and marrows continue to thrive.

There is still much manualĀ  digging to do. We have Mares Tail and the aim is to slowly attack areas of it.

More next week. Will & Jay will be back on Sunday.

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