Queensland Blue and Alien Carrots

For a number of weeks now five Queensland Blues have been watered daily and are wandering triffid-like across our plot. They give my a very eery feeling. Last week there was only a very,very gentle breeze at soil level. The feelers of these plants looked as if they were marking out their territory.

More rhubarb has been planted. I enjoy my rhubarb with a hint of ginger. Recently my wife discovered a bottle of 40% rhubarb juice cordial. What a refreshing drink.

We will soon be cutting the stalks of the bean rows. They have grown very well this year.

In the back garden, in the greenhouse, the apple cucumbers have cropped well, unlike the tomatoes. The plum tomatoes on our plot have done so much better.

I hope any allotmenteers stick to site regs with regards to bonfires. Twice in the last few weeks we have had to abandon our plot because the smoke from nearby was so intense.

More from the plots/back garden next week and of course there are the mis/adventures of Will & Jay on Sunday.

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