Deluge. what deluge. we’re decorating the font!

“Can we come to your allotment for some leafy decoration for our church font?”  We had lots to offer on the allotment, but I did not anticipate the deluge of rain that joined us. We thought an Ark, might be just the thing, but would we need planning permission?

Wading through streams of water wearing appropriate coloured boots, my two friends left with the boot of their jag full of leafy goodies.

Secateurs at the ready they collected: canes with yellow raspberries still attached, giant carrot shaped beetroots, a stem of dwarf French beans, dripping with purple beans, two stems of plum tomatoes which began with the red fruit and ended with tiny green ones, swathes of runner beans with flowers still attached, rhubarb leaves and marrow leaves.

They were intrigued by the curly kale which they added to their collection.

On returning to my home they were given two pots of  asparagus ferns, a cucumber with foliage attached and two apple cucumbers still attached to their stem.

If this was just the font, can’t wait to see the photographs of the church. The heavens continued to pour, but it was fun.



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