Birds, Bees and Birdbaths.

For years now I have maintained clean, fresh water in our secluded birdbath. It is quite shallow and what has amazed me that some birdbaths have a severe drop. Bird wanting a bath have to jump in.

A fence which runs along the boundary wall often has a queue of young sparrows waiting for the blackbird to leave. They are very hesitant at first and land on the gentle sloping sides and gradually move to where the water is deeper. They cannot do this in steep sided birdbaths. What of other creatures who use bird baths? Yes others do.

Flies descend on it on hot days and during the heat of this summer wasps have stopped for a drink. I have never seen a bee drink, but the wasps, as many as eight, line up parallel to the water’s edge.

Wood pigeons and magpies have discovered our birdbath, although they only drink. The blackbirds scatter water in every direction and then sit on the fence and wipe their beaks.

Young robins appeared in the garden today and flew off as soon as I appeared unlike our wise old robin who comes right up to us and you feel you could talk to it. In fact I do. The birds on the allotment are also tame except the magpies. The rabbits that haunt the allotment are equally as tame. I can get within five feet of them and all they do is walk off. I know my place.

Still on the allotment front, we are now collecting brown runner bean pods ready to bag the seeds and collect up the bean sticks. The dwarf French beans are swelling out so hopefully we will be able to collect the seeds for next year.

One major problem that has occurred recently is the careless driving on the site, even to hitting canes and boundaries down. We have three car parks.

More next week, after a drier week which has been forecast.




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