Getting ready for winter

The leaves are falling, a definite sign that the allotment site needs partially closing down.

Our first plot is completely covered with tarpaulin with the exception of  the raspberry bushes. Our three compartment compost heap is full to bulging. Lots of tidying up to do, small bricks in the pathways, cutting the grass around the plot and tidying the shed so that when you open the doors the contents do not fall out on you.

Plot 2 has to be sorted out dramatically. Shed to have its 4th coat of preserver, weeds removed and plot covered. All that is growing on it at the moment is curly kale, rhubarb and Queensland Blue pumpkins. Another week and they will be fully blue and removed to the greenhouse.

Slightly defeated by the weather, but who cares, we enjoy being on out plots.

This weekend for my son in London is plot reserving time, and he is. So good to see him take to his plot with such enthusiasm and the help from all around him.

More soon allotmenteers and gardening friends.

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