The Olives go to bed and other gardening things.

November has seen a lot of activity in the back garden as well as the allotment.

We have two plots, one of which in 90% covered in tarpaulins. The winter onions are doing well, covered as they are in netting. The shed has had its fourth coat of weather-proofing and at the other end the rhubarb has retired for the winter, but the raspberry canes are still fruiting.

On the other plot, the shed needs its fourth coat of weather-proofing, the rhubarb leaves have collapsed, but the curley kale grows taller. Friends have taken the gooseberry and red current bushes, so we can lay two more tarpaulins for the winter.

In the back garden, all the pots and tubs are on feet or small bricks. The colour-scheme for winter and spring will be red, yellow and blue. I cannot believe that the roses are still in bud. Recommended strawberry plants arrived yesterday so they have been planted around the garden pots and tubs, as will the garlic which will certainly add interest.

Neighbours,  having lost their olive trees last year, was a warning to protect ours, so into small greenhouses they have gone. The hostas have disappeared below the earth, so a good layer of chicken manure has been placed on the surface.

A very large tree growing in another neighbour’s garden is shedding many of its leaves on our borders and lawn. The disadvantage is they almost bury the small plants on the border, but I collect all the leaves, place them in a dusbin bag ready to transport them to the compost heap.

Now is the time to begin planning. What won’t we grow, what was successful combined with what did we grow too much off and can we eat it all?

So, still much to do as I will report at a later date, just keep at it through the next months.


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