Butterflies, fieldmice and other thoughts.

Just heard today that it was the year of the butterflies, moths and other lovely small creatures.

The cabbage white was everywhere and a joy to see. My memories of other creatures are many. There was the rabbit on the allotment that I almost stroked, two little eyes peering out at me from a dustbin bag full of leaves turned out to be a field and where water drains from the path onto our plot squirmed a little toad.

Then there is the friendly allotment cat and you would never guess his name. Yes, he answers to the name of CAT!

So, all in all, I am gradually returning to nature and loving it. One old tale appears to be true. When the moon is crescent shaped it is holding water and as it increases towards the full moon shape, it ejects all the water to us below.

Watching for rain clouds on distant hills and the V-shaped squadron of geese as they leave always fascinate.

Roll on 2014. Nature will soon be calling us back.

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