Pop-up, pop out and 3D cards

Christmas is almost over, yet there are signs that a new wave of rivalry is continuing.

It all started when a friend sent us a pop up Christmas card, so we decided to do the same. This led to any excuse to celebrate an occasion with such cards.

Scenes of the nativity, toy trains, birthday cakes, tractors in fields, festive shop windows and countryside/townscapes reflecting the winter world through snow covered rose-tinted glasses are for some, a booming cottage industry, especially those home made.

Now each Christmas a selection of these works of 3D art adorn windowsills, are attached to mirrors and form a circle around the Christmas tree.

For my Italian friends try a 3D pop up of a moonlit winter scene of St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome. I actually found one in a little side street in that city.

Already I have been searching for next year’s cards. They make a wonderful display and deserveĀ  more recognition. There you are Tate Modern, an exhibition of some of the more off-beat, surreal cards please. How many days is it to Christmas 2014? You still have time.

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