I’m back. 2017 Let’s Talk Italian.

I haven’t posted a blog for such a long time, but this year I intend to post much more.

So much happened in 2016 which inspired me, and gave me determination to begin again.

I was never really good at languages. I was taught basic French, but never had cause to use it. Having visited Italy many times I fell in love with the language, but how to remember and use it?

Two ways have taught me much. I have a number of Italian followers on Twitter. Most weeks I tweet simple phrases and slowly the words have become part of my vocabulary.

Visits to restaurants where the staff are more than willing to help some-one who is desperately trying to learn the language always helps. In some restaurants it’s a two way process.

The one danger is when speaking Italian there is the danger that you will be drowned in the flow. It must be made clear that you are learning and don’t speak much. “Sto imperando¬† l’italiano, non parlo molto” I am learning Italian, don’t speak much, always helps.

Tomorrow…domani…Short story competitions.



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