Morse: Past and Present

I am thoroughly enjoying ‘Endeavor’. The last episode of this current series was especially poignant as one of the stars was the exceptional actress Sheila Hancock. From her early appearances in ‘The Rag trade’ to such an accomplished actress is a joy to see.

Her appearance in ‘Endeavor’ must have brought back many memories as she was acting with a younger version of the detective Morse who in real life was her husband John Thaw.

I was also pleased to see the inclusion of the Morris Dancers. At times their drumming seemed to be threatening, almost menacing adding to the atmosphere of the village, a case of tradition V atomic power.

There are many groups who  carry on these wonderful folk traditions. If you visit the Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon in the first day of spring you will meet the dancers and their music just as the sun rises over the ancient walls. Very awesome indeed.

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