Australian Television Series we love to watch

Certainly Australia has a lot to offer with regards to series watching.

We became avid viewers of ‘Sea Patrol’ even when it was repeated, but period drama seems to be its forte at the moment.

There is the escapist ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries’ set after the first world war and so easy on the eye. Miss Fisher is capable of anything from speaking various languages, flying a plane, or climbing in, out or up any building. The settings, costumes, music and vehicles add that authentic touch. Many of the topics relate so easily to today.

Following on and equally well produced is ‘The Dr. Blake Mysteries’ with all its twists and turns. Is the doctor wrong? What is the relationship with his housekeeper.

Finally, currently showing is ‘A Place Called Home’. Many of the stock characters are there, but given a refreshing slant. I was interested that words are used that possibly on British television would not be PC, but they were used at the time after WW2 had ended.

Exceptionally well acted with some of Australia’s finest, the production comes to life where characters are silent for a moment in scenes and yet you know what they are thinking.

Try to catch a few episodes and you’ll see what I mean.


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