A Place to call Home

With whose baby is whose and who is having an affair in secret, this Australian TV series is more than just a melodrama. Set after WW2 the depth of realism achieved is awe inspiring. To illustrate the quality of this production. Mrs. Bligh, head of the estate Ash Park visits a refuge for ex-service men who sit and play cards or just sit in silence.

Later, she donates a piano and as she sings appropriate songs all the men stand around and sing with her, some speaking for the first time. There is no dialogue only music. It is not sentimental, just honest. Thank good Series 5 begins production this month (February 2017).

Another country producing great TV/films is Canada. I always look forward to the Christmas movies for the Canadian films and their guest stars.

Meanwhile, it’s back to ‘Call the Midwife’, and watching the detective switch-over in ‘Death in Paradise’.

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