World Wide Television Viewing

Suddenly television has become far more interesting as we,  the viewers, travel the world.

From the excellent ‘A Place to Call Home’, Dr. Blake’s and Miss Fisher’s period mysteries set in Australia, we jump about in time and locations.  Then we head for India and the Karma Hospital and travel thousands of mile to witness ‘Death in Paradise’. All beautifully produced.

Back to London and we join the international cast of ‘Call the Midwife’.

To look how productions have improved just take a look back in time. I agree there have been many well scripted delights on offer. My television viewing began in 1956, when I was allowed to visit the lounge of the seaside guest house where my mother worked. Every  Thursday, after school I watched  ‘Children’s Television’ for an hour on the BBC. ‘The Grove Family’ was possibly the first soap. Further viewing came on Christmas afternoon each year, again at the guest house.

For me, the excitement then was still a visit to the cinema on a Wednesday, Friday and Saturday Morning Cinema. Worthing had The Plaza, The Odeon, The Rivoli, The Dome. The Dome still exists as a fully functioning cinema, thank goodness.

Television changed viewing habits, but cinema is on the return. No matter how large or curved TV screens become, there is nothing like seeing a film on the big screen.


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