So what is SPLASH POINT all about?

The idea came to me when I was 5 and living in Worthing, Sussex. At weekends we would walk to Splash Point, where the promenade ended and metal poles protected you from falling into the sea. The best time was during the windy when you literally were splashed.

Today there is a new complex on the site, but then it was just the railings and an old sea mine. The idea stayed with me for years and years.

It’s a story of what if’s. Basically its about a hotel in Rome where guests are ‘treated’ to strange experiences. There is romance, mystery, time travel and humour as the nymphs in springs below the hotel work there wonders. If you upset them, life can be hell, love them and they will love you too, but on their own terms. What if you enter the water and ….

Let me ask you a few questions as I do not want to give too much away. There you are having a shower when the next thing you know you are being rescued from the the sea and find yourself on Roman merchant ship heading for the old port of Ostia. Completely naked, unable to speak the language. How would you cope, because the nymphs are now in control? Estate agent Gwyn Phillips has to.

Pamela Strong a dental assistant in Rome to find love travels in and out of time until she finds the love of her life, unless the nymphs have other ideas.

Tourists Malcolm and Marilyn find themselves in an extraordinary double bed and both become 16 again. See what I mean.

One comment which might stick with you is when Alice Martin declares, “I’ve just been kissed by a fish!”

Businessman Rae Johnson visiting the hotel upsets the nymphs before he and his boyfriend even enter the hotel. How would you cope if your boyfriend was turned into a statue?

These are just a few of the characters who visit the hotel and allow the nymphs to delight in their games.

These and other mysteries take place in the city. Locations include the Spanish Steps, Fontana di Trevi, Piazza Navone, the Port of Ostia as well as other appropriate locations. If ever this book becomes famous I can see tour guides visiting all the locations. The people of Rome are well represented. I visited Rome five times to get the correct locations and have included the draining of the Trevi Fountain as well as jet spraying the Spanish Steps.

I found the most romantic building which could double as the hotel, but its location remains a secret, although there are certain clues.

I researched the facts as well as I could. The Curator of the Legionary Fortress Museum in Caerleon, South Wales said, “Get the fact right or the critics will shoot you down.” That comment stuck in my brain.

I hope you enjoy the many twists and turns in the story and there are many.


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