I thought I will write a book. Easy I thought. Fill it with details and characters and let the story unfold. Wrong.

I filled it with so many details that the interesting characters and their actions only began a third of the way through. Mega boring.

I was guided by American author Alan H. Chin who guided me through chapter by chapter. Being such a successful writer he could see where I was going sadly wrong. I ditched the first chapter and edited out well over 10,000 words. Today I am proud of my work.

I was so proud of the very first version that when the very first version was completed I began a sequel. Coming across it recently I was shocked. There were all the same mistakes although it did flow a little more, so much more is needed for book two.

Then there were the characters. They just existed, no feelings, just walked in and out of the locations. All that has changed and so real have they become that if they¬† walked into the room I would say ‘Hello’.

More about the book tomorrow. Although I would like it to be bought via Kindle e-book and Amazon, I hope to explain some of my theories of writing in general. I was told writing is a considerable learning curve not a curse as others have said, never give up. At times I was dejected, but now I feel much more confident as SPLASH POINT now shows.

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