Tell Laura I Love Her. Choosing the right location.

So I had an idea about Splash Point. I decided to locate it in Bath. Had to do the research. Spend a day wondering round this beautiful city looking for appropriate locations.

I did find fountains, but some were now filled with flowers, as mentioned in the book. Next a trip to the Roman Baths, always a treat and was impressed by the partial re-construction of the Temple of Minerva. Loved that.

Wandering further away from the Abbey I came across Laura Place and its magnificent circular fountain. which the locals call the ‘ash tray’. I decided not to locate my story in Bath, but use some of the ideas I had gathered. Two of my characters Stacey-Lee Williams, a hair stylist and Gwyn Phillips, and estate agent would come from Bath.  I photographed the fountain in Laura Place and the remains of the Temple of Minerva. I little realized it at the time, but the people and the locations would play an important part in the twists and turns of the book.

Into my notes the details went for future reference.

Next in search for my locations was Stourhead in Wiltshire with its magnificent mansion, lake, temples and grotto. Into my notes went the description of the grotto with its statues. I was getting too many details and very little of my day was photographed with the exception of the grotto. My research was becoming very fruitful, if not overwhelming.

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