The Garden Visitors.

For a change something a little different and not about my book.

Do not mistake me, I do like cats and have had them as pets for years, but my garden did not see much wildlife.

As the garden is fenced with mesh on two sides, no cats enter, but wild life does.

A rare visitor is a frog, then a squirrel, but it is the habit of birds that fascinate me. Occasionally we see a wren, lately coal tits and a magpie.

Regular visitors are a pair of collared dovesĀ  which sit on the fence and watch us. Then we have Mr. Blackbird and wife for breakfast and tea.

A crow visits us every day, takes three sips from the birdbath, flies to the fence, wipes its beak and flies off. All are becoming used to us.

A word of warning about feeding birds. We bought a metal bird table and placed appropriate food on it. With half an hour a rat was climbing up the pole and reaching for food. End of bird table. Likewise I am tired of visiting garden centers with birdbaths that are too steep for the little ones. There should be a gentle/gradual slope, not a 2 cms drop.

Back to more meanderings about SPLASH POINT tomorrow.

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