Long, ago when I was in my early teens there was a wonderful very under-rated TV series called RIVERBOAT featuring The Enterprise, a twin funneled steamer plying its trade along the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers. Darren McGavin was the first captain, not of the spaceship. The young Burt Reynolds was an early co-star.

The show ran from 1959 to 1961 and looking back at the shows now what an array of stars were featured in it. Here is a shortened list:

Arlene Dahl, Charles Bronson, Dan Duryea, Karen Steele, George Kennedy, Patricia Medina, Raymond Massey, Mary Tyler More, Cliff Roberson, Suzanne Pleshette, Buddy Ebsen, Lee Van Cleefe, Robert Vaughan, Richard Chamberlain. Another passenger on the Enterprise was De Forest Kelly long before he met up with Captain Kirk.

A galaxy of stars. I wonder if some enterprising company (sorry for the pun) could update the format, which did wander at times, but inspired many of us to make our own model riverboats.

I still feel a tingle when I see the opening and closing titles on You Tube and sequences from ‘Showboat’. There is still something magical about paddle-steamers and their part in our childhood.

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