Life in a film studio, Rome 1943

So SPLASH POINT has the character of Alice, but now we have to find her husband and how they first met. Their first meeting is outside a film studio in Rome where my story is set. Being WW2, at that moment. the studio is not making films, but home for a small detachment of lucky soldiers,  It has become a supply depot, importing such items as chairs and sending them wherever they are needed.

Enter a shy, George, surrounded by local children giving them his sweet ration. That was the young innocent George in flashback. The later George is attracted to any young female. His pace-maker misses a beat when attractive Stacey-Lee appears dressed in figure hugging red. but Alice has her revenge. Remember the nymphs are in control of anyone staying at the hotel and for them, like Alice, revenge is sweet. What do they do?

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